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A coalescence of spaces...
....connecting outdoors and indoors...


Adaptable spaces in a residential context.

This is a residential apartment scheme in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. As all the areas in Gandhinagar have an ample amount of open spaces, the design is inclined towards creating spaces to justify the context in which the spaces are built. 

Therefore the landscape is designed in a manner that amplifies the utility of outdoor living. These outdoor spaces offer an environment for congregation and interaction, activity, and rest. The spaces are arranged successively to create an array of indoor to semi-outdoor and outdoor spaces. The materials used also do not have an indoor to outdoor distinction, that one material is used often in both locations. Thus breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside throughout the site.

Often the story of a landscape evolves with time and evolving needs of its users. A space that is rigid and permanent usually stands as a barrier to heterogeneous and flexible living. Here, the client required a design in which the inhabitants utilize the spaces with utmost flexibility- from where they enter to how they move or how they rest. As a result, the design of a single space is not rigidly defined thus allowing its users to define and characterize the space differently.

The landscape thus takes the narrative of a space that is flexible, evolvable, or bleedable according to its requirement and hence creates a sense of belonging and ownership for its users.

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