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Golf performance center...
...An accentuation of forms...


The design for the Golf performance center inclines towards creating an intervention of the outdoors to indoor, light to dark, energy to tranquility. It will be a place where golfers are taken to a world that they relate to; curves of the undulating lawn.


The massive double height of the warehouse is celebrated and used to its fullest bringing maximum day light into the building. A screen wall divides the spaces still keeping the transition seamless and connected. The walls bring down the immensity to make seating spaces seem comfortable and cozy.

The entrance is dominated by a vertical green wall that forms the backdrop of the reception area. Two pendent lights add to the ambience of the place. The shop adjacent to this space is vast both in height and area. This retail space consists of two large feature columns displaying golf balls that form the center of the room. A backdrop of green turf between these two columns and open shelves displays add to the functionality and aesthetics of the open plan. The warehouse adjacent to the shop adds to the ease of store to display process.

From the store one is lead into the lounge and seating spaces that open up towards the golf stimulators. This space also houses the television and meeting tables zone that add to the various requirements in terms of amenities. The mid-century décor style with paneled walls, leather furniture and wood flooring are enhanced by a more minimalistic yet futuristic curves of the false ceiling above. This central area is well connected to the utilities that include toilets, changing rooms and pantry.


The fitting room consists of display rooms, meeting and discussion offices, stimulators etc. The display room exhibits photos on one side and golf gears on the other. An open window in line with the green putting space adds to the necessary day light as well as a view to the exterior landscape. The room follows the character of the previous spaces with its black walls and wood flooring. The lighting with the track systems enhances the focus on the displays. A staircase provided alongside this room leads one to the more private executive offices. These offices on the mezzanine floor overlooks the whole volume of the building.

Lastly the exterior of this building consists of a long driveway leading to parking via a drop of zone that acts as the entrance to the golf center. A feature wall along the wall of the building leads one to the second entry doorway into the building. The landscape along this route compliments the journey and reminds one of the undulating lawns of the golf course.

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