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"Creating spaces that sustain us all, in doing so, we believe in designing with awareness, humility, intention, direction and conviction.”

Blue door architects is a Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad - based interdisciplinary design practice providing architectural, landscape architectural, and interior design consultancy services. Our creative portfolio includes interior design works in residential apartments, Farmhouses, residential + commercial open spaces and landscapes, and various residential projects. Blue door architects is a dedicated team of young designers who seek design opportunities that challenge and inspire our creative passions. 

At Blue Door, We believe in crafting human-centric designs that focus on the needs of the users. We treat each project as a distinct design statement rooted within its context and orchestrated specially for the people who use it. Our passion lies in creating spaces that are tailored to our client’s individuality.

At Blue Door, We also love integrating architecture and nature. Bringing nature close to people through design and creating meaningful spaces of community that serve as catalysts for vibrant public life. 

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