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Sometimes it's the journey...
...celebrating outdoor living...


This is a residential apartments scheme located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The project required transitional spaces that can be used both as a morning solace and an evening getaway. The garden and the pathway are strategically arranged to promote the idea of a journey, the bences act as pause points throughout the journey and the fountains elevate the idea of a sensory garden. 


“As he journeyed through the curved pathway the sound of water invited him inside. The surrounding plants with their beautiful aroma hightenined his morning lively mood. He sat on his usual bench to meditate. Closing his eyes he listened to the sounds of chirps and tweets of the birds and the rustling gravel flooring under his foot, he reached tranquility.”


“She sat in the garden niche watching the kids play in the swimming pool through the chains of the fountain.

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